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Beguile - Aquamarine

Wear to enchant and captivate!

Product Code E00033

An elegant earring that draws the eye along a spiral path of 22ct gold vermeil to be captured by the superb aquamarine briolette at the centre. Enchanting and captivating.

Further information:


Symbolizing the clarity and transparency of the ocean, the sheer beauty of aquamarine, with its wonderful colour and fantastic clarity, makes it popular with both designers and collectors of fine jewellery. It will come as no surprise that its name was derived from the Latin words for 'water of the sea.' Blue, perhaps the world's most popular colour, is famous for its calming effect, and out of all the blues available none match the serenity found in aquamarine. However, aquamarine ranges in colour from pastel blue to light green. Brazil is the major source of aquamarine.

Quite interesting

  • Many superstitions and legends have been attached to aquamarine over the years. It has been said to come from the treasure chest of mermaids. Sailors often took aquamarine with them to the sea to protect against shipwreck; sometimes the stone was carved with the image of Poseidon or Neptune.
  • Because of its association with the sea, aquamarine is considered to be a gemstone of purification and cleansing that washes the mind with fresh clear thoughts and promotes self-expression. It is also said to re-awaken love. Incidentally, aquamarine is the gemstone symbol for the 16th and 19th Wedding Anniversary
  • It the birthstone for March.

Gold Vermeil

Gold Vermeil is the highest quality of gold plating.

The base metal used is always pure sterling silver and it is then coated with a heavy plating of 22k gold.  It is therefore more durable and higher quality than gold-plate (which is usually plated on steel or brass).  With reasonable care it will last for many years without tarnishing or the plating wearing away.  It is also ideal for those with sensitivities to base metals such as nickel or thinly plated gold.

Gold vermeil must be assayed and hall-marked in accordance with UK hall-marking law.

In short, it has all the lustre and opulence of solid gold without the weight or expense!

Care -   as with all jewellery, it should not be worn whilst bathing or swimming. Do not use abrasive cloths or machine polishers to clean articles  - simply use a soft, lint-free cloth.




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