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Deep blue drama

Product Code E09939

Seven heavenly lapis lazuli cabochons suspended from a stud fitting in sterling silver.  Quietly dramatic.

Further information:

Lapis Lazuli

This beautiful deep blue gemstone has entranced people since ancient times. The name lazuli derives from Persian and Latin words and means  “blue” or “heaven”.

The value of lapis lazuli is largely determined by the intensity of the dark blue lazurite and the quantity and disposition of the flecks of gold pyrite. The finest quality lapis lazuli comes from Afghanistan where it has been mined for more than 6000 years.

Quite interesting

  • Lapis lazuli was once powdered and mixed with oil to produce the pigment ultramarine (literally, “beyond the sea”), seen in the beautiful blues of Renaissance paintings.
  • Through the ages, lapis lazuli was associated with power, wisdom and love. Lapis lazuli jewellery is often given as a 9th Wedding Anniversary gift and it is an alternative to turquoise as a birthstone for December.

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