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A touch of luxury

Product Code E00100

Sparkling blue topaz set in silver and suspended beneath a brushed-silver stud. 

Further information:


Found in several areas of the world, topaz is most frequently found in blue, pink, yellow colours or as a colourless clear stone, often mistaken for diamond. Recently, mystic topaz, a startlingly multi-hued stone, has been produced from clear, colourless stones.

Greatly valued by the Greeks and Romans, topaz was one of the twelve gemstones set into the foundation walls of Jerusalem.

Quite Interesting

  • Topaz is the birthstone of November (yellow topaz) and December (blue topaz) and the gemstone for the 4th, 19th or 23rd anniversaries.
  • Many of the largest gemstone crystals ever found have been topaz. The largest cut topaz, the blue Brazilian Princess, weighs over 21,000 carats!



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