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Eastern Princess-peridot

Dainty peridot chandelier

Product Code E00523

A dainty chandelier to make you feel like a true princess. Pretty and delicate peridot briolettes combined with 22ct gold vermeil. Elegant fusion of east and west

Further information:

Gold Vermeil

Gold Vermeil is the highest quality of gold plating.

The base metal used is always pure sterling silver and it is then coated with a heavy plating of 22k gold.  It is therefore more durable and higher quality than gold-plate (which is usually plated on steel or brass).  With reasonable care it will last for many years without tarnishing or the plating wearing away.  It is also ideal for those with sensitivities to base metals such as nickel or thinly plated gold.

Gold vermeil must be assayed and hall-marked in accordance with UK hall-marking law.

In short, it has all the lustre and opulence of solid gold without the weight or expense!

Care -   as with all jewellery, it should not be worn whilst bathing or swimming. Do not use abrasive cloths or machine polishers to clean articles  - simply use a soft, lint-free cloth.




One of the few gemstones that exist in only one colour, a bright silky green.

It is named from the French word peritot meaning “gold”.

Peridot has been used as a gemstone for thousands of years and it was a favourite of Cleopatra.

Until recently most peridot came from islands in the Red Sea but it has now been found in several parts of the world.

Quite Interesting

  • Peridot has been found in meteorites and, in 2003, it was discovered on Mars making it the only gemstone found on another planet.
  • Many feted “emerald” collections have now been correctly identified as peridot.  It is the birthstone for August and is associated with the 16th Wedding Anniversary.

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