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Choosing Earrings

The Earring Collection brings you a range of individual and gorgeous designs, all hand-made using sterling silver and gold, pearls and gemstones of many colours and styles.

Each person has a favourite length, stone, fitting and style of earrings that they love.  We hope that you find some earrings here that fit your own style.

However, here’s one tip that may help you explore designs that you might not have considered.

It’s in the eyes!    When it comes to choosing coloured gemstones, it’s often an excellent guideline to match one’s eye colour.

For blue or blue-grey eyes, lapis, topaz, aquamarine, blue sapphires and many other stones look wonderful and seem to enhance the eye colour.

Malachite, jade, green amethyst, peridot and abalone (paua shell) all look gorgeous on those with green eyes.  As do amethyst and other purple stones!

There are two perfect “gems” to enhance hazel eyes; abalone shell (paua) is summery, iridescent and beautiful; and labradorite (said by the Inuit to hold the origins of the Northern Lights) is just gorgeous and scintillates.  However hazel-eyed women can also wear the stones recommended for green eyes.

Brown eyed girls might be surprised to learn that this principle works to their advantage!  “Brown” gems include tiger’s eye and garnet, but also smoky quartz (think dark chocolate!), citrine, amber, rubies and carnelian.

Pearls are, of course, suitable for all.

Coral and carnelian are more about personality than colour matching.   

Mother-of-pearl comes in a variety of colour (not just ivory/white) and looks elegant on all women. 

Black, whether onyx or shell or spinel, when set in silver or gold, is an eveningwear essential. 

But these are just rules to be considered and then broken! 

Simply chose earrings that will make you feel special.

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